Uncomfortable with the Unknown Assessment Results 3

If you score is between 18-24 this you are able to accept that the unknown and uncertainty is a part of sports and competition.

Athletes who do well with this area are able to tolerate this fact and use it as a motivator for their performance. They are able to focus on what is most important now and welcome adversity and the unknown as opportunities.    In competition these athletes find a way to stay focused on what they can control and influence and embrace the pressure that arrives in important moments of competition.

They stay composed when their dreams are on the line and are looked to by others as leaders in those important moments. Their performance from one game to the next is usually pretty consistent.

In order to improve in this area, you may need to look for non-traditional or outside of competition opportunities to practice handling uncertainty.  You may also need to put yourself in small competitive situations with your others in order to gain experience in handling the physiological reactions that go with uncertainty.

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