Uncomfortable with the Unknown Assessment Results 2

If your score is between 18-11 you may have mixed success with dealing with high pressure situations.

Certain and specific situations may trigger you to too tense or overly relaxed. Athletes who struggle in these areas often are labeldd great practice players.  You may be afraid to be put in roles that push your development or push you just above of your comfort zone.

During competition you may find that you have mild swings in your performance and may be consistently inconsistent. Sometimes adversity makes you better and sometimes it destroys your confidence. The gap between your best game and worst game may be closer than others but you even you don’t know which athlete is going to show up at any given competition.

In order to improve in this area you will need to find more effective ways to deal with the strong emotions that go with competition.  You may need to focus more on what you can control, your “why” and the things that are most important to your success right now.

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