Uncomfortable with the Unknown Assessment Results 1

If your score is between 0-10, you have a hard time tolerating the uncertainty that goes with competition.

Athletes who struggle in this area often choke under pressure and get repeatedly frustrated with their inability to perform in high pressure situations. In competition these athletes often play too relaxed or too tense and are unable to manage their emotions effectively.  In addition you may play not to lose or scared.

You may often struggle to manage their emotions and the physiological responses that go with high intensity situations. In some situations, you may feel relieved when you are not asked to play a greater role.  In order to improve in this area, you need to learn and accept that the unknown is part of competition as are strong emotions.

You may need to figure out and examine whether or not you are responding to what is happening now or what has happened in past performances or situations.  Your brain may be tricking you into believing that you need to overreact. You will need to develop a set of tools and a plan for managing those emotions and your body’s response when they occur.

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