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  • The Power of PAWS

    A bear walks into a bar and says: “I’ll have a beer and a ……… hamburger.”

    The bartender says: “Why the big pause?”

    Why am I talking about it? Because I just took one — 10 days off. Pause as in P A W S. Our dog Charlie has them. What does PAWS bring? Lots.

    Periodic pauses, and our dog, have made our lives better. In this video, I may tug at you and toy with your emotions, which may put me on a short leash, and at risk of barking up the wrong tree. That may be the tail end of them now. If I chew on it a little more, I’ll sniff out a few. So, let’s dig into the PAWS.  

    Charlie’s presence provides perspective. That’s the first letter: P. He’s got simple needs. He needs a walk, some play time, some water, a full doggie dish, and treats. Sometimes I wish our lives were that simple. Oh, and a nap, too. He dishes out love, and that brings perspective.  

    Then there’s the A for attitude. He certainly has one, but it’s not aggressive. He’s exuberant to see us every time. His need for affection makes you stop, and your attitude changes. It’s contagious. It’s a good thing

    Then there’s wisdom. The W. Perspective and attitude make it easier to access wisdom. A lack of perspective and positive attitude interferes with your ability to apply and use wisdom. 

    S is for slow down. Charlie makes us slow down, unless he wants to chase a rabbit or a squirrel.  Slowing down promotes awareness and mindfulness.

    What does this all have to do with mental fitness? 

    PAWS Exercise helps us when we get hooked. We need to hit the pause button, get perspective, adjust our attitude, work our wisdom, and slow down — so we can act according to our values. 

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