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  • The Power of Being Grateful

    A significant part of mental fitness is gratitude.

    But oftentimes, we need reminders to feel grateful. Why is that? 

    Humans tend to be biased toward the negative. That’s why we have survived — because we have learned to plan for the negative. Focusing on what you’re grateful for is associated with more positive emotions, promotes present moment focus, optimism and happiness. We also tend to be more helpful, generous, compassionate and forgiving toward ourselves and others. 

    The picture of my son’s hockey team is something I am grateful for.  His team won the consolation bracket in the Minnesota Bantam A State Tournament.

    They have a lot to be grateful for. 

    1. They overcame serious injuries, illnesses and tough losses. They played through adversity — sometimes with nine players.

    2. The team handled things with class. Parents and coaches, too. Throughout the playoff season, there was not one incident with the opposing teams or their parents. There were years where that was not the case. At times, parents of the other teams thanked us for a great game, even after a tough loss.

    3. Most games were competitive, well-played and exciting. The game-winning goal of the region championship was a highly skilled play and came with 1.6 seconds left.

    4. We have known these families since Mites. It’s satisfying to see them grow into great players and great people. The friendships feel like family.

    5. They were the first Bantam A team in our association to go to the State Tournament.

    6.  Fans were in the stands, unlike last year. There was also a student section that created energy in playoff games. I love kids playing for the community and friends.

    7. It was fun every step of the way. 

    Being mentally fit means finding the positive in things that feel negative. Doing so promotes mental fitness.