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    The OPZ Difference

    Are you in the Optimal Performance Zone? (OPZ)

    We see it every day. Performance in work life, sports and every day family life often varies. There are good days and bad. This is reasonable to expect and not uncommon. What goes into affecting this performance is unique to each person, situation and group or team. We can have all the physical tools and talents, but if we can’t find our optimal performance zone—mentally, those talents can often only take you so far.

    Why can one team play at a high level, and others never find their way of similar skills and talents? Factors could be constant negative feedback from a coach or client, pressure from parents to excel, and win-at-all-costs mentality, all of which can overtake thoughts and impact performance. To add to that, additional external factors, pressures and culture also play into this variability. The difference between competing at the highest level, when many factors are equal, often boils down to mental toughness. The learned mental behavior of how to succeed against great odds, overcoming interference and obstacles, self-imposed and external.

    How do you find the Optimal Performance Zone (OPZ)? What does it feel like? What conditions need to be present to find it and maintain mastery?

    At the Center for Sports and the Mind, we provide athletes with a unique blend of brain science with proven tools and methods to impact and transform performance. Our program revolves around these building blocks of mental strength development. Our unique process of discovery through mastery is detailed and thorough to maximize the probability of mental strength improvement.