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    Our 20+ years of experience has taught us that changes in performance develop with small and consistent changes in your mindset, habits, and self- awareness.  We designed our products with that in mind.

    Daily Drill Cards – $19.99

    Use the cards in a progression or use them to help you with specific area of performance.  Review the new knowledge and practice the daily drill for 2 weeks. Your increased mastery of self – calming skills will prepare with a range of tools to be comfortable with uncomfortable. Simple to use and a quick way to get you on the right path.

    • Learn new ways to Love Your Inner Athlete and expand your knowledge and awareness.
    • The booklet includes self-talk prompts and daily drills to help reboot your brain and calm your body.


    Daily Journal – $19.99

    Writing down and tracking your progress helps you to integrate new habits and awareness.  Our daily journal puts all you need in one place to track important habits, identify triggers and areas for new self-talk and concrete steps to take to improve. Grab a pen and begin your journey. Take the steps you need to improve.

    • Use in addition to the daily drill cards to record and track progress.
    • 365 days’ worth of journaling as well as 52 weekly journal reviews.
    • Benefit from reviewing your day and your performance.
    Concentration Grids – $19.99

    Athletes know that being in the present moment is crucial for clutch performances.  Learning and tracking your ability can be difficult. A long staple of mental performance tools, daily use of the grids helps athletes track their progress, become aware of patterns of distractions, and develop strategies to manage mind and body when under pressure. Circle the numbers 1 to 100 in chronological order and you are on your way to better performance.

    • Develop present moment focus.
    • Includes places to record your time, distracting thoughts, and focusing thoughts for each grid.