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    Carissa Wolyneic, MA Mental Conditioning Coach

    Carrissa Wolyneic provides mental skills training to athletes. She has a master’s degree from St Mary’s. and is currently working toward becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Carissa’s education, experience, and success as a college basketball player has taught her the importance of mental fitness training. She knows it is an important part of being a consistent athlete.  She shares her passion and experience to help athletes, coaches, and parents. She works with athletes of all ages and sports. In her career at Concordia University, she set the record for 3 pointers in a season and a career.  She has given back to the game by coaching girls’ basketball. She loves helping her clients gain the mental edge that comes with developing mental fitness. She has worked with college and high school athletes.  She knows the that mental fitness improves physical performance. She works with athletes and teams to create a process for self-coaching and staying out of your head.