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  • Solutions to Resolutions

    If you are reading this, you are probably preparing for the new year.

    It’s the season for resolutions. We’ve all made them — lose weight, go to the gym, eat better. We make lists of things to get done that we should do, but just haven’t.  

    New starts and goals are great, but resolutions, less so. On January 1st or 2nd, the gyms are packed. By the 21st, it’s back to the same group of people.  

    As you probably know, resolutions rarely work. Once you fail to keep it, most of us give up and go back to the same old. Why? Oftentimes they are dramatic, quick changes.  

    One of my friends often talks about dial changes. To start the new year, we make emotional resolutions. Big dial changes.  

    I prefer adjustments over solutions and resolutions. Both imply an elimination agenda. Last week, I talked about a family tradition that started small and has grown.  

    What adjustments do you need to make? Small adjustments over time lead to change. What’s your plan for sticking to them? Is there a theme to them? Have you made specific times for them to fit into your schedule? How will you keep yourself from turning one missed day into four, five or 31 days?  Is there self-talk you need to change to support a new habit? Can you make changes to your environment?  

    These are all questions to consider when adapting a new habit. See why getting resolutions to stick is so hard?

    Some people pick a theme or one or two words for the year. Then, they try to center their actions around it. These should be consistent with your performance values.  

    Mine for this year: “Finish” and “Impact.” For me, that means focusing on finishing what I start. Impact means making a difference in the world.  

    Mental fitness is about adjustments. The term mental fitness is an adjustment to the mental toughness myths.  

    In 2022, I am planning to up my game on these videos. I’m planning to finish them sooner and find more ways to impact the communities I live in.