Reboot Your Brain

Computers undoubtedly have changed the way our world today works. But did you know, your mind is the most powerful computer that you own.

Like any computer, your brain can sometimes freeze, crash, get overloaded, and ultimately lose power.

To help you understand the “brain problems” and how to reboot, we first must understand how our brain works (I’ve simplified it a bit for all of us).

To put it simply, we all have two brains: the survival brain and the thinking brain. 

The survival brain is primitive. Its primary job is to provide us with safety, survival and significance. Generally speaking, the survival brain runs the 3 F’s – Fight, Flight, and Freeze. It’s quick to take action, often acting first and asking questions later. It’s emotional and instinctive and serves as a warning system to alert us of danger. 

The thinking brain on the other hand is the GPS system. It takes in information, analyzes situations, and helps the survival brain to make choices and decisions. Your thinking brain slows things down and gives us options for solving problems while telling us what to say to ourselves and others. More importantly, it helps us to see the difference between fear and danger.

Together, it’s really a beautiful system when you stop and think about it–when it works the way it’s supposed to.

That’s where our “brain problem” or computer malfunction comes into play.

The brain problem shows up when there is an imbalance between the two sides of the brain.  The survival brain revs up and cuts off communication to the thinking brain. This leaves the thinking brain to scramble. It starts making up lies, myths, and distortions. The thoughts become things, the things become truths, and the truths become distractions.

When this happens, athletes need to know how to reboot their brain so they can return to the moment (the techniques in this week’s video shows you how). Rebooting your brain helps you in the moment. The tools presented help to physically restore communication between the two brains. It’s a process that calms your nervous system in the moment.

It’s always OK to reboot. We all need it, especially in today’s world. Remember when your brain feels frazzled, you can always unplug, reset and get back to normal.