Finding Your Inner Athlete

We all have an inner athlete. It’s our inner voice that’s a witness to our thoughts, emotions, and our lives as they play out. Mentally fit athletes take this voice a step further. In their minds, mentally fit athletes will often create an image that’s a coach to guide them as they perform. 

What’s your relationship with yours?

Finding and embracing your inner athlete is a sure way to help build mental fitness.  While building a relationship there may seem difficult, if you break it down into smaller steps, it’s actually not so hard. 

The training stages of inner athlete awareness are as follows: 

Stage 1 – Meet your Inner Athlete. First, you admit that you have things to learn about yourself, your game, and your inner athlete.  You then decided to make a commitment and accept that you need help from others to improve.  

Stage 2 – Get to know your Inner Athlete. You can’t acknowledge that you need to improve and then not take steps to change your habits. That’s known as a sabotage stage. You must set the goals and take the necessary steps to make them happen before advancing from this stage which can be the most difficult.

Stage 3 – Train your Inner Athlete. At this point, you have figured out the “how to” and know what you need to change, so now you’re almost there. The skills for consistency are there but not automatic.  Here, you are creating the habits you need but are still tweaking them. 

Stage 4 – Love your Inner Athlete. You’ve got it.  You maintain high performance by practicing effective habits. These habits become a part of your daily routine.  Eventually, it becomes easy and automatic. You’ve found and love your inner athlete.

Be aware, working the stages will undoubtedly create frustration, and at the same time, hopefully, clarity. Both emotions are normal.  It means you are challenging yourself for growth. That’s mental fitness. 

Free Bonus: Read through our self-scouting assessment to get a jump start on the stages and use it as a resource guide to help assess your mental skills.  It’s a guide to help assess your mental skills.