Plan and Problem Solve Self Assessment 2

If your score is between 18-11 you may sometimes just hope that your performance will improve without directed effort, planning or problem solving.  You may have goals for yourself but they may not always be the ones that push you in areas you need to improve.  Athletes who have moderate success in this area often over focus on results oriented goals and get discouraged when they do not meet them.

During competition you may find yourself thinking too much about your statistics and your play may be dependent on whether you or not you are “perfect” on that night.  If it appears you are going to not meet these goals you may pout or beat yourself up at the expense of ignoring the ways you performed well.

In order to improve in this area you may need to change the way you measure and plan for your development.   This may mean that you have to add process goals to your results oriented goals and find ways to better measure your progress.

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