Plan and Problem Solve Self Assessment 1

If your score is between 0-10, you lack the ability or willingness to plan for your development or for obstacles you may encounter in your sport.  Athletes who struggle in this area often only use results oriented goals to measure their progress and/or fail to plan for their day to day development as well as their long term development.

In competition they may have trouble tolerating adversity, following through or executing.  Their assessment of their performance is dependent on the results they get from play to play.  If it does not appear they are going to meet their goals for the game they shut down and pack it in or blame their teammates, equipment, or conditions for their lack of success.

In order to improve in this area, you need to implement a goal setting process that is both focused on results goals and process goals.

You need to create a plan for how you are going to meet your long term goals with daily, weekly, and monthly goals.  In doing so you will create more effective long term measures of your success and as a result develop in more focused direction.

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