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    Our Story

    Hans and Jennie are both licensed professionals in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a shared passion for athletics and mental fitness. Growing up, Hans was an avid sports fan and later learned to play hockey as an adult, while Jennie was a naturally athletic and competitive high school athlete.

    Hans also developed his speaking and debating skills, leading his high school team to the state tournament and earning a college scholarship, while Jennie pursued a degree in Psychology and participated in a national community service group.

    As they learned more about brain physiology, they realized that while most athletes focus on strengthening their bodies and skills, few prioritize strengthening their brains. That’s why they founded The Center for Sports and the Mind, to help athletes overcome challenges and boost their confidence through personalized support and proven techniques.

    With over 20+ years of experience, they understand the unique struggles that athletes face and are here to support you on your journey to becoming the athlete you want to be.