My Favorite Things

Mental Fitness

It’s Thanksgiving week. Some people show up in the office many times in a much better mood. I think it’s because it’s a short week, and because they are getting ready to pause and give thanks.

 I know that’s the case for me. Football, food, and family are some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving.

You have heard me talk about Inner Balance Breathing from It’s a nonprofit that specializes in biofeedback. Their app and device measure your ability to get your heart and mind into a coherent place. 

The key to creating that body state is focusing on something you love, care about or appreciate.  Last week, I had the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music stuck in my head. It struck that the song is basically a prescription for High Coherence. I haven’t done it yet, but I am going to write and sing a version of it for mental fitness. That should be fun for all. 

One thing I want you to hear is something I did a couple of weeks ago. 

Several years ago, I met a guy named Lance Pitlick. He played hockey for the Gophers and had a long career in the NHL. You’ve probably heard of his sons, Rem and Rhett. Rem is in the NHL and Rhett plays for the Gophers. 

One of my clients told me about him, and described his hands training as a cheat code for hockey. 

I am thankful to share with you an episode of his podcast that featured my work. Click here to listen.  

I loved doing it, because it’s another way to change the conversation about mental fitness.  Having people like Lance talk about and share mental fitness is essential to changing the conversation. This is a family that gets the importance of it. Maybe that’s why there are two generations of Pitlicks at Minnesota.

For those of you following on a social media platform, I will post it in the comments. 

Change the conversation. Talk and learn about mental fitness.