Learn From Others Assessment Results 1

If your score is between 0-10, you lack the strength to admit that others may be better than you at a particular skill.

You may often make excuses for your lack of ability or think that other competitors always receive more breaks and advantages than you.  Athletes who struggle in this area often are intimidated by competitors who perform consistently better and lack confidence in their own ability to learn, adapt, and raise performance. Sometimes they think they may have nothing to learn.

In competition they may give a limited effort if they think that they are not going to get the results they want and may villianize those who are performing better.   In order to improve in this area, you will need to develop the confidence to recognize that sometimes coaches and other performers may provide guidance for what you need to do to improve.

You need to create plans for how you will learn from others and recognize the fact that you can learn from others.

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