High Performance Hockey Event Day #1 – Capture the Moment

Being selected to participate in a High Performance Event (no matter what sport) often triggers players to feel pressure and butterflies.  Why? Because it is a great opportunity to showcase your skills with the hope of continuing your hockey career at the next level of play.

Capture and use your excitement as opportunity to fuel your play.  Feeling butterflies is normal and means you care about what you are about to do.  Don’t view as an obstacle or something to fear.  Don’t let your first impression be viewed as scared or tentative.

The athletes who have played in these events in the past have the benefit of hindsight. They often tell me they wished they had struck a better balance between showcasing their individual skills and helping their team succeed.  The better your team performs the more likely you are to get good looks from coaches and scouts.

Those same athletes have said that it is important to remember that you cannot play to impress all the scouts in the stands or to try to mold their game to fit what the scouts are looking for.  Remember that what one scout looks for or is looking for may be quite different than the other.  Or the needs of their specific teams may not fit the skill set you carry.

Instead, remember you are here because you have been identified as a player who has the ability and potential to play at another level.  Play your game and play to your strengths while learning how you can improve and develop.  This weekend may change your future.  Play with the enthusiasm it deserves.

If you struggle to capture and use your emotions effectively, there are many ways we can help you benefit from our knowledge and experience in helping players maximize their potential.