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  • Good Grief

    Good Grief. It’s something Charlie Brown says a lot. Is there such a thing? Continue listening to see. I knew a couple weeks ago I would be doing this video and I was not looking forward to it. 


    My Aunt Sue died this week. It’s been difficult — loss always is. I will miss her, and so will the world. She and her husband Steve have been a HUGE part of my life. We would always joke at hockey games that the next goal was HUGE. Her impact was Huge. 


    She was my godmother. As a kid, I always got a tree ornament from her. She was good at it because she made me feel special. 


    She nurtured my love for hockey. I’ve been to more games with her than I can count — Frozen Fours, WCHA Final Fives. She loved the Bemidji Beavers. She was so proud and excited when they made it to the Frozen Four in 2009.

    She saw me.

    She believed in me.

    She taught me to be kind and generous.

    She was humble. 

    She believed in the positive intent of others.

    She volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Bemidji. 

    She’s a Athletic Hall of Famer at BSU as fan and supporter.

    She united and organized people to make an impact.

    She spoke up for herself and others.


    I remember her saying, “I am Sue Engel, not Mr and Mrs. Steve Engel like the mail said.”  

    That’s her. And she didn’t stop reminding them when family still kept doing it.  .


    There is good grief. It’s the price of love. I’m sad, but I’m going to make good grief. How? By accepting, and living through it. By honoring her with my actions and living out the values she held so dear. By making a positive impact on people every day.


    By nurturing, and loving. Believing in others. Seeing people. Teaching. Volunteering. Uniting and Organizing. Speaking up. 


    Please help me honor her by donating to one of her favorite charities: The Boys and Girls Club of Bemidji. Donate here:


    She was willing to change the conversation and back it up with her actions. Let’s do the same.