Effort Equals Excellence Assessment Results 3

If you score is between 18-24 this means you see as effort as path to excellence and as something that will reward you with results.  Athletes who do well with this area are able to identify areas no matter how small to develop.  They develop methods for identifying those areas in which in they need to improve and spend time on those areas in practice.

In competition these athletes often find a way to find something extra when the game is on the line and expect that outstanding performance comes from putting extra effort and preparation into your planning and preparing. They see rewards for their efforts even though they may not get the expected result.  You see the small ways that your extra effort translates into better performance.

In order to improve in this area you may need challenge yourself to find creative and outside the box ways to improve your effort.  This may mean you need to spend time working on the mental part of your game, refining your nutrition, or strength training workouts.

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