Effort Equals Excellence Assessment Results 2

If your score is between 18-11 you may sometimes get discouraged to put in extra effort to improve and develop.  If there does not appear to be immediate improvement for the effort you put in you may not invest as much time in improving your game.  You may have trouble identifying how you can improve in small or big areas in your game.

During competition you may find yourself shutting down early and giving up on being competitive.  You may discount the ways you can compete with your opponent and begin to doubt your ability to be competitive. Your energy level and motivation may vary from intensely low to being out of control. You may not always play for the love of the game but more for the rewards it is supposed to give you.

In order to improve in this area,  you may need examine why you are playing the game and the rewards you expect to receive for playing it.  You need to write down the reasons you play and find ways to connect that to the ways you think it will improve your experience of the game and of life.

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