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  • High Performance Hockey Event Day # 3 Finish Strong

    The end of the tryout process may be catching up to you.  The combination of stress and playing a lot can take its toll on you.  If you have played well so far, the tendency may be to mail it in because you are already satisfied.  If you have not played as well as you thought, you may either play with too much to prove or believe that you cannot do anything to make a good impression.

    The key to finishing strong is to have a short memory.  No matter how you have played so far, your last impression may be the one that coaches and scouts remember.  Continuing to play well or play even better on last day shows character.  Recovering from a bad game or a couple of bad games shows character as well.  No matter the level or the sport our experience tells us coaches everywhere value character.

    If you have played well, find small ways to challenge yourself and to push yourself outside your comfort zone.  Grab your love for the game and show the people watching that you love game in the way you play.  Play with the same enthusiasm you did when you were a mite or squirt.

    If you have not played as well as you have liked so far, you should challenge yourself to recover and self- forgive.  Often we see the biggest obstacle players create for themselves is to not get over yesterday’s mistakes.  We often confuse forgiving ourselves for our mistakes as not taking accountability.  Learn how to be self -forgiving.  Think about the process you go through when you forgive your parents or your girlfriend or your friends.  Apply that same process to yourself.

    I know that is easier for me to say and harder for you to do. If you find yourself skeptical of this idea, you may have just identified a challenge you need to meet.  The challenge is to create a process for forgiving yourself and change the way you view mistakes.  Doing so will allow you to focus on the immediate moment and access your self- confidence.  You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and as a result play in your OPZ.

    If you have questions about how to meet the challenges presented, check out how we can help you change your mindset and develop a plan to help you transform your performance.