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  • Bust the Slump

    What do you need to say “Happy Trails” to? Mix up. Let go of? 


    I asked this question because we get stuck in ruts sometimes. It’s often hard to know how to get out of them. Ruts can create helplessness. Humans tend to complicate ruts which makes us feel nuts — making them complex when they may be simple.  

    Tom House, Tom Brady’s quarterback coach, said my job is to find the simple changes that will make the biggest impact. We often forget this concept.


    I went to training last month. Lauren Johnson asked three questions in her presentation that simplified things for me.

    1. What’s going well for you?  

    2. What’s missing?

    3. What things that you have control of are preventing you from changing? 


    Sometimes mental fitness means simplifying. 


    I will share my answers at a later date. The three questions changed my perspective. Put me on a new trail. Mixed up things in a good way. Which opened up a new plan and possibilities. Stay tuned for more.