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  • Black Friday Freebie

    This week’s Mental Fitness Friday includes a steal of a deal, absolutely FREE of charge from me to you. Are you ready for it? Today I am going to give you (drum roll please) 100 percent FREE humor, provided by me.

    Yep, a Black Friday treat for you–and you don’t even have to get up at the crack of dawn or stand in line to claim it.

    The joke I tell in this week’s video is not super complicated. I love telling it because it is so juvenile and simple. The suspense, focus, and unknown are all a part of its appeal. It’s a joke that requires mental fitness to tell.  If you ever want to break the ice, or demonstrate that you are willing to take a risk of looking goofy try telling the joke.  I believe it requires some expensive confidence just because it is so corny.    

    All jokes aside, we at Center For Sports & Mind are truly grateful that you are a part of our audience. We began Mental Fitness Fridays to not only help change the stigma around topics associated with mental health, but to reach our audience and have a direct impact. We use our newsletter, blog posts and videos as a way to help create and change the conversation about navigating the mental skills that are needed to play consistently well. Hopefully you find it useful enough to get you started, and know that we are always ready to help you take that next step in person, too.

    In the coming year, we at Center For Sports & Mind plan to expand the services we offer and give you more concrete ways to integrate what we have learned. Afterall, we hope our past experiences will help you to build a better future.  

    In addition to my sense of humor, you will notice that our video includes someone new. Her name is Carissa Wolyneic, and she just joined our practice as a new therapist. As mentioned above, at Center For Sports & Mind we are working to extend our impact in several ways; Carissa is just one of those ways and we are excited to have here.

    A little bit of background on Carissa: She did her graduate practicum with us at Center For Sports & Mind, and during that time (and beyond) we have been impressed with her intelligence, ability to connect with others, and her willingness to learn and ask great questions.  

    Along with her direct work-related skills, Carissa played basketball at Concordia-Saint Paul and holds the single season record for 3-pointers in each a season and a career. There is no doubt that her excellence on the court will crossover to her work with athletes. 

    Carissa is available to take some insurances, and she is able to coach and consult with athletes and coaches on improving their mental fitness. Watch for her videos coming soon that will help you to get to know her and her work.

    We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and thank you for your continued support as we hope to support you in every way can!