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    Welcome.  We have developed a new assessment tool for athletes, coaches and parents to help athletes better their athletic performance. By taking this simple assessment, it will provide a snapshot on how well the athlete deals with challenges, adversity and failure. It will also rate their ability to learn from others, effort level and touch on problem solving skills.

    This is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a guide to help athletes, teams, coaches and parents to start improving the mental skills needed to perform at the highest level possible. There are no open ended answers and each module is scored, then given helpful pointers and suggestions on how to make changes in athlete’s mental game for improvement. Coaches are provided a reference guide for each module as needed.

    Assessment Program

    Click here to begin the assessment program. The price for the entire program is $30.00 per person.

    Consent of a parent or guardian is required for anyone under the age of 18.

    Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Thank you in advance for participating.

    Visualization Program

    Athletes physically train their bodies to perform at a high level. With as little as 7 minutes a day an athlete can train and wire their brain to achieve high levels of performance. Our CD’s provide you ways to create an effective and strong mental game. Athletes who have used our CD’s have said ” …gave me a valuable tool to prepare and perform…” and “…the things covered are second nature to me now.” “I can focus better on what is important to my performance.” Prices range from $7 to $30.