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  • 6 ways to optimize coherence

    Last week we talked about the highs and lows of confidence — cheap confidence versus expensive confidence.

    There are a number of ways to achieve expensive confidence, but one way that I have found particularly useful is by focusing on coherence and your inner balance. In fact, there’s an app and sensor, appropriately called Inner Balance, that I have come to love.

    Our body has three levels of coherence: low, medium and high. High coherence is similar to your Optimal Performance Zone.  Medium is too relaxed and low is too tense. Coherence is all about our brain and our heart being in sync with each other. Coherence is used to measure heart rate variability and is a biofeedback tool (learn more about the technology at

    The app is a way to practice your breathing and meditation while keeping track of your progress, giving instantaneous feedback to help you train toward high coherence.

    In case I haven’t sold you enough (and no this isn’t a paid advertisement), here are a couple other reasons I recommend the Inner Balance app:

    1.) It’s a habit that leads to change over time. Even just five minutes per day has an impact. As you improve, you can change the level of difficulty and learn how you react to challenges.  

    2.) It gives measurable feedback and creates self awareness. Default reactions to disappointments show up quickly so they can be changed, and after each session it gives you a breakdown of how much time you spent in each level.  

    3.) Success happens when you focus on returning to high coherence, something you really learn how to get to.  

    4.) You can visualize while doing it which strengthens the impact of both habits, and an added bonus is that you can integrate music and videos on your phone into the app.  

    5.) It gets solid results. One of my clients added it to his daily routine in the second half of his season and his goal and point production went up to about 1.5 per game.  

    6.) The breathing techniques that are taught can be used anywhere, at any time.  .  

    An app isn’t the only way to build coherence. There’s a quick technique that can be done in a three-step process — something I use frequently when I get nervous to speak.

    Step  1: Focus on your breathing on the area of your heart and feel your breath going in out of your heart. 

    Step 2: Establish a slow, comfortable rhythm. 

    Step 3: The most important step: make an emotional shift to something you love, care about or appreciate (mine was sleeping on the pontoon on a warm day). 

    John Wooden once said “If we magnified blessings as much as we magnify disappointments, we we would all be much happier ” — that’s why it works. 

    Email me to learn more.  I have them on hand.