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  • 1,000 Mental Skills in Your Pocket

    This week I turned 50 — a big milestone. 

    A big birthday like that is a reminder that I have done a lot of living, and that I have a lot of living left to do. 

    One of my friends knew this milestone was coming, and told me I have made a really good swing with my time on this planet. I agree, and I am going to continue to make an impact. 

    Each and every one of you has the same ability, and I need your help. You have heard me say that there is nothing we can do as parents to prepare this generation of kids to parent — besides teach basic values and skills. It’s so clear that we need to teach basic and effective emotion and stress management skills. 

    That leads me to this: Steve Jobs and Apple have changed the world. When the iPod debuted, Jobs told us we could have 10,000 songs in our pocket.

    I want to make sure the athletes of today and tomorrow have the mental fitness skills they need in their pocket. I’m not sure I can find 10,000 different mental skills to put in your pocket. But together, I bet we could come up with a 1,000. 

    I’m not sure exactly how I am going to do this, but I know I am going to need you to share some that work for you. Keep watching these for details. For now, email me, or post on our social channels with skills and concepts you use to build mental fitness.

    The last thing I want to mention is how grateful I am for so many things as I turn 50. My family and my friends have had a large and positive impact on my life. My grandpa Carl used to say: “Be good to each other.”

    We can do that. Let’s be intentional. Help me mine the 1,000 skills we need to do that.